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Mitsubishi Town Box Wheel PCD sizes

Wheel size charts and PCD tables for 2018 Town Box model. If you're looking for a different model or year you can find it right here

MITSUBISHI TOWN BOX 2018 DS17 [2015 .. 2021] [JDM]

Model details Wheel details
Vehicle Brand: Mitsubishi (Change Brand) CB (Centre Bore): 56.1 mm
Car Model: Town Box 2018 (Change Model) PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter): 4x100
Engine: R06A 660T (ABA-DS17W) ET Offset: 50 mm
Fuel Type: I3 Bolt Type: M12x1.5
Power, kW: 47
Wheel Size Option Wheel Dimensions Tire Dimensions
Stock CB 56.1 mm PCD 4x100 ET50 R14" 4.5" (J) 165/60R14 [+compare]
Optional CB 56.1 mm PCD 4x100 ET50 R15" 5" (J) 165/55R15 [+compare]

Wheel ET Explained

Wheel ET Explained

Wheel ET offset explained with charts and picture examples